Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder

For ultra-pure and micronized L-glutamine, nothing beats Applied Nutrition’s version. It is unflavored and can be mixed easily with drinks.

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Glutamine is one of the essential amino acids needed by the body. Moreover, it is the most abundant found in the muscle tissues, but regular workout and training reduce the levels of glutamine in the body. This is why supplemental glutamine is needed, but not every product on the market is trustworthy. However, Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder is different.

The company’s product is not only halal-certified but globally-recognized as “Informed-Sport.” So, it is safe to use athletes as well. The pure pharmaceutical grade powder provides the body with adequate and potent amounts of glutamine for muscle strength and growth.

Is it Safe to Use?

Each batch of the product has been tested for banned substances and formulated by the experts. Moreover, all the products by Applied Nutrition have undergone strict testing at a lab that is ISO 17025 accredited. So, rest assured that all the products are of the highest standards.

The product is also globally-recognized as “Informed-Sport,” which is deemed safe for consumption even by athletes.


One serving, approximately 5 grams, must be consumed thrice daily and preferably with meals. For best results, it is recommended to take one serving after a workout with juice or water. Moreover, Applied Nutrition states that the supplement is best taken during four windows, namely:

• Window One: 20 grams or four servings taken immediately after waking with at least 500 ml of water or juice.

• Window Two: 10 grams or two servings taken with 500 ml of pre-workout shake or water before a training session.

• Window Three: 10 grams or two servings taken with 500 ml of post-workout shake or water after a workout.

• Window Four: 20 grams or four servings taken with a night shake or water before bedtime.

Side Effects

As long as the proper dosage is followed, then the risk for experiencing side effects is significantly lowered. However, some first-time users claim that they have experienced nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. These are just mild symptoms associated with L-glutamine.

Take note, however, that this supplement is not advised for individuals who have been diagnosed with kidney or liver damage. Moreover, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, or individuals with a medical condition.


For ultra-pure and micronized L-glutamine, nothing beats Applied Nutrition’s version. It is unflavored and can be mixed easily with drinks. This powerful anti-catabolic supplement is halal certified and is vegan-friendly as well. Moreover, the other benefits are as follows.

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Supports Muscle Repair
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
  • Enhances Digestion of Nutrients
  • Reduces Muscle Breakdown
benefits of using l-glutamine powder


The supplement powder weighing 250 grams sells for £9.29 on Amazon. Plus, it comes with free delivery to any place that is within the United Kingdom. However, you can also order the product from the company’s official website, but it is priced higher than on Amazon for the cost of £17.99.

Company Information

Should you have additional concerns or questions, then do not hesitate to contact the company with the details provided below.

Applied Nutrition
AddressWebber Estate, Knowsley L33 7SQ
Phone Number0151 546 9497
Email Address[email protected]

Customer Reviews

For a product that ships all the way from the United Kingdom, there have only been positive reviews both on Power Body UK and on Amazon. Read the reviews below.

“I’m quite new to taking glutamine so i only really know of the benefits ive been told about. I can’t honestly comment on the effectiveness of glutamine as i’ve only just started myself and havent had it long enough to notice. ive had a few different glutamines though and can say that this one mixes very well and is not noticeable in your drink which is great as i mix it with aminos and carbs and creatine!”

“Applied Nutrition have quite a range of top tier high quality proteins, amino acids and carb based formulas which i find to all work well to allow for me to make progress in gaining more muscle mass and strength during my off seasons and lowering fat levels and preserving lean muscle mass when cutting during the summer or prior to any upcoming event. This is a great quality neutral tasting and easy mixing glutamine in bulk powder form which i find mixes easily in my post workout and pre bed protein shakes. For best effects on aiding in muscle recovery and reducing post workout muscle soreness i have found 10 grams to work best, i have pushed the dosage higher to around 20 grams during the later stages of an intense fat loss diet but did not notice any additional benefit in recovery so would not recommend using the higher dosages. I feel this Glutamine along with creatine and BCAA’S used in combination all allow for optimal muscle retention and aid in the fat loss process when dieting to allow for lower levels of body fat to be achieved whilst maintaining most of, if not all of your hard earned lean muscle mass and strength.”

“Researched Glutamine quite a lot as my staple work out stack when I produced my best transformation to date was simply whey protein isolate, creatine and glutamine. I was quite amazed about how well Glutamine actually kept my body in shape when I was dropping my bodyfat levels. 30% of your muscle cell formation is actually Glutamine so it is basically the best supplement for preserving muscle mass. Especially on a cut”

“I received this product just today and didn’t try it yet. My comment is on the dosage which mentioned above, three scoops 1-2 times daily is a high dosage of glutamine, only 1 scoop 1-2 times daily enough .

Tried this fabulous unflavored Glutamine, with excellent mix-ability qualities in water. It threw great results when it comes to using glutamine with post workout protein powder. 

Strongly recommend… !”

“I use this after training and it mixes better than their creatine”

Where to Buy

Order Applied Nutrition’s L-Glutamine powder from the United Kingdom through Amazon or Power Body. Check out the links provided below.

Amazon: Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder

Power Body: Applied Nutrition

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