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You can take the BHB salts anytime during the day. One option is in the morning with your breakfast to provide an energy boost for the entire day.

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CodeAge Exogenous Ketones is a product with BHB salts. It also contains electrolytes, MCT fatty acids, adaptogens (anti-stressors), and natural caffeine. These ingredients can provide various benefits like fighting brain fog, boosting energy, and managing weight.


The product contains:

  • BHBs
  • MCTs (fatty acids)
  • Electrolytes (salts)
  • Caffeine (natural)
  • Adaptogens (anti-stressors)

These are all critical ingredients to help provide benefits like energy boosts clear thinking, weight management, and other benefits. When on a low-carb diet like keto it’s important to boost your ketone levels. This helps to fuel the brain and body since they won’t get energy from carbs.


You can take the BHB salts anytime during the day. One option is in the morning with your breakfast to provide an energy boost for the entire day. Some people use BHBs to replace their morning coffee since it can provide a similar energy boost.

Another option is to take a serving of the tablets as a pre-workout supplement. This can help to provide an energy boost for your cardio or weight-resistance workout. This can make your workouts more effective and help to build lean muscle mass faster.  

Tablets and capsules tend to enter the bloodstream quite fast and usually within 1.5 to 2 hours. This is a plus so you can get an energy boost quickly during the day. That could be in the morning with your breakfast or as a pre-workout supplement, for example. In both cases, it’s better if you get the effects ASAP.

The recommended dosage is 6 capsules. This would provide a 40-day supply if you take one serving per day. It’s important to consider how many servings you’ll need per day then do the math to determine how long the product will last.

Side effects

There are some possible side-effects from exogenous ketones. They include minor digestion problems that users might experience. However, the product is generally considered safe so there’s a small chance that you’ll experience them.

However, one of the main issues is that health experts don’t know the full long-term effects of BHBs. So there’s a chance you might experience certain side-effects later on that experts aren’t aware of. It’s important to research everything so you’ll know what to expect.

What are the benefits?


CodeAge Exogenous Ketones includes MCT fatty acids. These are “healthy” fats that are found in foods like coconut oil and dairy products. They’re critical for skin, hair, heart, brain, and so on.


These are salts that can provide the body with energy boosts. They’re especially critical for low-carb dieters since the lower carbohydrate intake will affect electrolyte amounts. It’s important to boost your levels of good health and energy levels.


The product also contains a natural source of caffeine. This is a plus for energy boosts as a pre-workout supplement, for example. It can also help to fuel your body during the day if you experience low energy levels in the afternoon, for example.


When on the Keto/Atkins diets the body doesn’t get energy from carbohydrates like normally. Reducing carbs to under 10% of total calories causes the body to go into ketosis. The body then gets energy from stored fat and liver-made ketones. If your body has low-level ketones it’s important to boost the level and one way is through ketone supplements.


These are anti-stressors that help the body to perform better when it’s under physical/mental stress. This is important for different aspects of life including work, exercise, etc. Adaptogens can help by helping the body to adjust to stressors. That, in turn, can provide many benefits in terms of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

240 Capsules

This is a full 40-day supply if you take one serving per day. It’s a plus over other products that only last for a few weeks, for example. This CodeAge product offers nearly 250 capsules, which is a full supply for over one month.


If you’re on a low-carb diet then it’s important for your nutrients to be low-carb. That’s why this product is a good option for those on Keto, Atkins, etc. The low-carb product makes it easier to stay in the state of ketosis. That can force the body to get energy from stored fat and thus lose weight.


This product is in the under-$0 price tag. It works out to about 17 cents per tablet. While the price of the container is somewhat high it’s reasonable when you consider the piece count, unit price, and product quality. Based on these factors the under-$40 price is a good price tag.

Company Information

Address1330 Stanford Street Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone(856) 263-3243

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Includes Keto salts
  • Contains MCT fatty acids
  • Has natural caffeine
  • Provides electrolytes
  • Has BHB salts

B. 5 negative reviews

  • Might make people sick
  • May not work
  • Piece count might be wrong
  • High price tag
  • Might not boost ketone levels

Where to buy

CodeAge was founded in 2017 so it might be tougher to find than other products on the market. However, you can still call grocery stores and health stores to find out if they carry CodeAge products. This can save you a trip if they don’t.

You can also find CodeAge Exogenous Ketones at online stores like the manufacturer’s website. This is a good source since you can be certain you’re getting an original product. You can also find CodeAge products at online retailers like Amazon.

This provides convenience since you can shop using a device and your devices like a PC/Mac or smartphone/tablet. This provides extra convenience since you can shop from anywhere you have web access.

Amazon: CodeAge

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