Garden Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid

Acai Cleanse 48 hour Acai Berry Detox program is specifically designed to restore metabolism, reduce water weight and reduce bloat, detoxify, and helps in flushing the fat from the body.

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For people who wish to improve their overall health and wellness, a detox might just be the answer! And what better way to achieve the said detoxification that with an all-natural formula that does not have any dangerous or chemical-based side effect. One such detox product is the Garden Greens Acai Cleanse Acai berry detox liquid.

Acai Cleanse 48 hour Acai Berry Detox program is specifically designed to restore metabolism, reduce water weight and reduce bloat, detoxify, and helps in flushing the fat from the body. It also has delicious flavors that make detoxification simple, effective, and deliciously flavorful.

Is it safe to use?

Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid has no known major side effect and is generally well tolerated by individuals with no identified side effects.

Key Ingredients

Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid has an Acai detox blend composed of lemon juice concentrate, grapefruit concentrate, maple syrup, Acai extract, and cayenne pepper Its other ingredients include sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, Xanthum gum, artificial flavors, natural flavorings, and purified water.


Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid is usually taken by mixing 4 to 8 oz of the concentrate and should be taken four (4) times daily. Optimal results can be achieved if the detox is paired with healthy food items such as veggies, fruits, and simple grains. Patients are also advised to take in caffeine-free tea, diluted juice, and plenty of water as many times as they possibly can.

What are the side effects, if any?

There are no known side effects for Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid. However, it is still best that patients coordinate with their medical professional before starting with the detoxification program.

What are the benefits?

Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid promises to deliver an efficient detoxification program that can help individuals achieve the following health benefits:

  • Cleanse, detoxify and boost metabolism
  • Jump-starting weight loss programs
  • Removal of excess water and toxins
  • Improved vigor due to a detoxified system


Garden  Greens Acai Cleanse Acai Berry Detox Liquid is competitively priced at $16.45 based on the  Amazon website. One similar product called Isagenix-Cleanse for life, on the other hand, is priced much higher at $31.99.

Company Information

For any questions or further clarifications on the aforementioned product, customers may contact the manufacturer Garden Greens, at 1-800-822-4320 or 973-575-6591 with address at Windmill Health Products  10 Henderson Drive West Caldwell, NJ 07006. Customers may also visit the manufacturer’s website

Customer Reviews

Listed below are some of the positive reviews for Garden Greens Acai cleanse Acai berry detox liquid taken from the Amazon website.

Alaya white wrote:

First of all let me just say that I read the reviews before trying this and I was skeptic, but my Auntie bought this for me and I am glad that I tried it. I first want to tell people that this is a DETOX drink, not a “LAXATIVE”. It does not promise that you will have a bowel movement, that is not what a DETOX is, a DEXTOX is for you to release TOXINS flush toxins in your body, and to cleanse you from those toxins mostly thru urination. If it happens to give you a bowel movement then that is great also. But it cleaneses you, so you have to determine if you FEEL cleansed from toxins but not if you have lost weight or pooped. “It feels good to me so far, and I am enjoying it”. Lastly people are saying it taste stale…it taste like lemon water and cayenne pepper. If any of you have had lemon water then you can bare it because that what it takes like, some of you had me scared thinking I was gonna barf, and this is not bad at all, because I drink lemon water, so the taste was simply that with a spice because of the cayenne pepper and you can barely taste the maple syrup, so a I would say give it a try! And I actually did have a few bowel movements, but even if I wouldn’t have I know it’s a toxin release not a bowel release necessarily.

Contessah I. Davis has this to say for the product:

I have not ordered this from Amazon. I have been buying this for over 3 years and I use it twice a year or more. It is the most gentlest one I have ever used. You will have frequent but not abnormal restroom visits. It has not caused me any gas and I have had no adverse side affects. I do dilute it as instructed. Along with daily vitamins, it just gives you a boost as it cleanses. I believe it is reasonably priced. It is the same in the stores. I will be ordering from Amazon soon, because where I currently live, I have not been able to find this product in the stores.

An anonymous Amazon Customer claims:

Worked for me just fine. Yeah, I had a headache all day but its moving fluids and things around so yeah its expected. I felt a good amount of energy. I didnf follow directions i drank half a cup inbetween breakfast and lunch, the inbetween lunch in dinner with a small snack. No fever. Everyone is different. I urinated more on this product. Definitely beated the bloat. Not sure why it didnt work for others.

One anonymous Amazon customer had this negative comment for the product:

I read the reviews after I bought it bad idea the guy in GNC recommended it to me another bad idea. It tasted horrible, smelled horrible, and it made me completely sick. I had other detox in yet past no problems, but this one made me feel like complete death. I was backed up, started a fever, throwing up, felt weak, hot flashes, etc. I felt like I almost had the flu. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone for quick detox cleanse.

Where to Buy

People who wish to purchase the product may do so by visiting Simply visit or click the link provided here to purchase the said product online:

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