Ghost Supplements: A Lifestyle Sports Nutrition Brand 

Ghost Supplements is a lifestyle sports nutrition brand that can provide effective products for health

Ghost Supplements

Ghost Lifestyle Sports Brand: A Brief Introduction

Ghost is a brand of lifestyle dietary supplements, apparel, and sports nutrition products. The said brand is shaking up the industry of sports nutrition by coming up with a movement that includes products that are innovative and transparent along with collaborating with prominent brands, key partnerships with influencers, immersive content, and a global distribution network.

The company is co-founded by Daniel Laurenco and Ryan Hughes and they came up with the name Ghost to emphasize its mantra and name which is “be seen”. This is due to the experience of one of the founders, Ryan, moving up the corporate ladder where he wanted to make an impact and be heard despite being virtually invisible.   GHOST aims to make people experience results with their supplements and feel good about themselves. In this article, we look at how effective Ghost Supplements are particularly one of its most popular products, Ghost Whey. Read on to find out more!

The Brand: Ghost Lifestyle Nutrition

There are countless protein powders available in the market today but none can compare to how GHOST’s protein powder stands out. Most of the other whey protein comes in big black containers emblazoned in big bold letters and scientific terms such as extreme muscles and ultra-premium. Ghost is different as it can be purchased in a tub that is cream-colored with some illustration of a Ghost and other graphics such as graffiti and a monkey. The brand overall though, is more about products pre-workout rather than whey and hopes to be a global pioneer in being a brand that is lifestyle sports nutrition. Ghost’s website features short documentaries on the individuals who founded Ghost, articles on fitness, and music playlists. The brand does not just sponsor and promote athletes but also entrepreneurs and DJs.

In general, one can say that Ghost, as a brand, is cool in a unique way, taking their strategy in a way that is not self-serious. As such, it is normal for individuals to be drawn in by Ghosts. More importantly,  the products offered by Ghost do deliver in terms of its flavor (it goes great with just water), it can effectively be digested and delivers tons of protein for each calorie.

Ghost Product in Focus: Ghost Whey Protein and Why It Is Effective

A scoop of Ghost Whey Protein can provide individuals with 1.5 grams of fat with one gram of that being saturated, four grams of carbohydrates which include 2 grams of sugar and a gram of fiber, 25 grams of protein, and 130 calories. Aside from the macronutrients, Ghost also provides ten percent of calcium’s RDI or recommended daily intake along with iron in the amount of six percent. For restrictive diets, people should also be aware that has 40 milligrams of cholesterol (or 13 percent of one’s RDI) and sodium in the amount of 160 milligrams, hitting 7%  of the recommended daily intake for the said mineral.

With this kind of nutritional breakdown, one can see that this supplement is ideal for people on a low-calorie diet, low-fat diet, and low carb diets. The online information for Ghost Whey protein also claims that while others tend to go all overboard with their protein products, Ghost wanted to provide customers with a simple and effective formula. The ingredients for Ghost products are, in fact, a shorter ingredients list compared to other companies. The mix of whey protein is mostly made up of hydrolyzed whey, concentrate, and protein isolate. Each type of whey can provide its advantages- hydrolyzed gets the fastest absorption, isolate has the highest content in terms of protein, while concentrate can provide components that are associated with benefits to overall health.

The best thing about all of this is that Ghost as a brand, also practices transparency in all of their ingredients as they are willing to do a full disclosure of the exact amounts for every kind of whey- a scoop of their Whey protein contains 2.98 grams of hydrolyzed isolate, 13.16 grams of concentrate, and 14.53 grams of the isolate. These concentrates and isolates have undergone sunflower lecithination which means that their mixability should be improved even without any added soy.

For the Milk Chocolate variant, after the protein blend comes strange artificial and natural flavors, some salt, cocoa powder, cellulose, Ghost Enzymes and thickeners (xanthan gum), and Splenda (or sucralose).

Possible Health Benefits: How Effective is the Ghost Brand?

Some individuals may find the thickeners and the lactose difficult to digest. This means that people should take note of its lactase, bromelain, and protease content referred to as the Ghost Enzymes. These should theoretically help in protein digestion and help in reducing gas. Also, bromelain is associated with reduced soreness post-workout and lower inflammation as well. Unlike some protein powders, this product is gluten-free and soy-free and is developed so that insulin in the blood is not spiked or increased. On top of this, it has three different kinds of whey and it is low in carbs and fats, which makes them a perfect protein mix for any activity and any schedule.  It can be added to cereals, milk, and other carb-heavy formulas for people looking to up their nutrition before a workout or if night eating or low activity days is your thing, it can be combined with other food items that have more fat and fewer carbs such as water or yogurt without having to worry about energy crashes.

It also has low levels of allergens as it does not contain corn, gluten, and soy and the lactase is there to aid individuals who are intolerant to lactose. For people who are trying to avoid sweeteners, it is important to note that this product does have sucralose

Bottom Line

GHOST  has come up with a fantastic product with its Whey protein. It is effective but it also is low in carbs, minimal artificial ingredients, gluten-free and soy-free, and can go great with just water. The only thing that most people may be concerned about is its price and the added sucralose. All in all, though, this product is effective and worth it and establishes GHOST as a brand to look out for!

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