Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone Supplement

Giant Keto aids in blood ketone level boosts inside the body, which enhances physical efficiency, mental concentration, and energy.

a bottle of giant keto exogenous supplement

Aid your ketogenic diet with the best supplemental powder: Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone is the ideal product to use at these times. But, first, let’s recap what goes down with keto.

Ketogenic Diet, generally known as Ketosis Diet, and simply “Keto” in short, would be the quickest method when it comes to dieting which mimics the outcomes of fasting. More so, the word “ketosis” relates to a byproduct regarding the break down of fats to more usable energy, known as “ketones.” This particular type of fat may be derived straight from an eating plan or diet. For example, what you call “nutritional ketosis” or coming from fats storage associated with your body for fueling the body.

Breakdown of fats to make useful energy sources are a lot comparable to the process in which dietary carbs undergo when it comes to making glucose for giving energy for the human body.  This means that ketones = fat, like glucose, would be, or equal to carbohydrates. Exactly what are the advantages of ketosis? Achieving ketosis in our body may have many advantages. Whether it is managing chronic illnesses and enhancing fitness performance.

This great food eating plan generally seems to be more nutritious while improving the potential of mitochondria. These are known to be the power plants of your cells, and these produce our anatomical bodies’ energy specifications which reduce inflammation as well as oxidative stress happening inside. By optimizing just how your body uses energy, really, it is fortifying its capacity to fight a number of diseases and confront stressors in today’s more active and exposed lifestyle patterns. And what goes along with a great ketogenic diet? And even better keto booster powder like Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone. Keep reading to learn more.


Awesome Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone Ingredients

The product sports a unique profile of ingredients. Giant Keto aids in blood ketone level boosts inside the body, which enhances physical efficiency, mental concentration, and energy. Of course, all this happens while pairing the existing advantages of the current ketogenic exercise and diet regimen you are having.

Packed with 12 grams in BHB salts in every serving, Giant Keto makes use of a beta-hydroxybutyrate mix that has been patented, well-researched, and well-designed to help users maintain their ketosis stage in order to jumpstart their ketones for optimal fuel use. Moreover, with Giant Keto’s better-improved taste, consumers are going to love their new line of available flavors that have recently been released. The product has been reformulated from its original and includes 2 new flavors, namely Maui Punch and Orange Mango.

What’s great is that this product can mix easily, and without leaving residue whatsoever, providing you simply a flavorful drink to truly enjoy to the last drop while experiencing optimal keto boost. Additionally, there are no blends/complexes incorporated whatsoever, nor are there any misleading labels. Finally, there aren’t any artificial flavorings, colors, or sweeteners. If that’s not awesome enough, on top of BHB salts, Giant Keto adds in vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and selenium too for heightening mental functions, moods, and the immune system.

Giant Keto guarantees dairy-free, gluten-free, as well as sugar-free products. They are furthermore very vegan-friendly! Where else to look, but only toward this top product!


What time of day should it be taken?

Take it best in the morning and afternoon.

How long does it take to kick in?

Just one hour!

How many can you take in a day?

Ketone supplements providers highly recommend taking the powder at 1 – 3 servings per day to achieve optimal results.

Side effects

Any good thing has a side effect, and the keto diet is no exclusion when not careful. When taking the ketone boosts, while on this special diet, there might come a small number of unwanted effects experienced on the road to ketosis, one of them are flu-type indications, such as for example, cramping, headaches, diarrhea, reduced energy levels to exhaustion, constipation, and even brain fog. It really is referred to as keto flu and it is fairly likely throughout the very first 4 days once transitioning to your new ketogenic diet.

However, you should take into account that not all user/s passes through this ketogenic diet with repercussions. In fact, signs or symptoms are often short-lived and can move on fairly quickly. More so, concerns circling from this diet differ with every individual.

What are the benefits?

Obtain ketosis even faster, while mitigating discouraging components that impede the commencing of your first ever keto diet. Plenty of benefits are offered with Giant Keto. First, it really is that electrolyte replenisher. Minerals observed in BHB (referred to as exogenous ketones) facilitate electrolyte restoring, which can help protect against keto flu. Additionally, the boost enables you to sleep better, with an overall and noticeable better-feeling, energized whole-body improvement.

BHB also can kick away sugary and other food cravings, giving you just the necessary energy boost. This means you can bid farewell to any type of slack you might have a tendency to feel in the course of the day. Apart from this, you’ll be able to shed unwanted weight when you are maintaining muscle through this product and your stable keto diet. The best advantageous asset of your ketogenic diet combined with an excellent powder such as Giant Keto is the fact that it plays its part as the ultimate carb blocker. It normalizes degrees of blood sugar levels. If you feel a desire to cheat while in keto, it is possible to abstain from carbohydrate crashes with the use of BHB given that it brings down blood insulin surges, which is incredibly problematic for your body’s hormonal response. Need not worry about this product after all!

Ultimately, Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone is very good so try it out for your workout beginning today!


At just $34.99 that’s roughy ($4.17 an ounce), and with guaranteed zero deposit for import fees, Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone is a top product at a cost-affordable rate for sure!

Company Information

Giant Keto
Address2101 Atlantic Ave, Suite A, Manasquan NJ, 08736
Email[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Amanda Levenberg: Wow! Amazing morning and Preworkout Drink

I just reveived my first order of Keto Rise. I’ll honestly say i was skeptical. My usual experience with diet aids and mixes are a wierd after taste or chalky flavor. That’s not the case with Keto Rise, it tastes Amazing!!! Almost a mixture between real OJ and Tang. Today’s my second day and I can’t wait to drink it! I also found myself with a really nice lift in energy. I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone who is doing the Keto WOE. My only complaint, need to make it in a bigger size too. Only 14 servings in one container I’d love to buy a months supply just like all of my other supplements, it just makes it easier.

James S. Deininger: Helps extend Fasting well into the mid-morning

This stuff seriously rocks. I use this to extend my nighttime/morning fast. Done with dinner usually around 7p. Fast til 10am the next day without any problem. Occasionally longer. Up at 6:30a, take Keto Rise around 6:45a. 20 minute mobility workout, take the dog for a walk, leave for work. It’s got about 150mg of caffeine, so it’s got a little more boost to it than other Giant Keto products.

Taste is great. I look forward to it each morning. Tastes no worse than any other overly-processed Tropicana “Orange Juice” on the market. I think it uses Stevia to sweeten, so at least you’re not getting the insulin-spiking side effects of regular OJ.

Cat Santiago: This is a great product. It doesn’t fully desolve which is a …

This is a great product. It doesn’t fully desolve which is a little annoying, but the taste and the energy it gives you is awesome. If you’ve ever suffered through a keto headache, this will help you avoid it. Being on a keto diet it’s hard to try and avoid sweets, this is tangy and a great way to help curve some of those needs

john: This drink is my new favorite preworkout!

Wow I was really missing orange juice!!!!! Thank you KETO GODS for creating this ray of sunshine! This drink is my new favorite preworkout!!! I drink if before the gym and I’m ready to go. Also if you cheat it puts me back into ketosis and it’s just so good with breakfast! Bacon eggs and OJ!!!!!

Elizabeth Sherman: Five Stars

This is very good. I put it into my Magic Bullet with ice and water and make a slushie.

5 negative reviews

Alicia: Where’s the product?

It just came in and I can’t see where you can get 15 servings from this. This sucks, there are two of us who were interested but I don’t think we will be spending $60 for us to barely make it 2 weeks.

Raquel Elizabeth: Not a good experience at all!

I ordered this one to compare it to the Pruvit orange dream ketones I bought. I have it one star because the taste and consistency was awful. It never dissolved completely. My bigger issue with it though is it didn’t put my body into ketosis (I checked with strips) and it made me feel Horrible! I’m actually returning this product.

Joleen Nordstrom Is Me: Did not work-Save your money

Bottle was more than half empty, and never put me in ketosis. I tried a different brand before this and the bottle was almost full and put me in ketosis within a few hours. It was a few dollars more but I guess you get what you pay for. I would have kept this one anyway if the bottle wasn’t half empty. Since it was almost empty when I got it, I returned it after I tried it the 2nd time and it still didn’t put me in ketosis

Anne C. Payette: Thin, poor quality for the price, and awful taste

I have tried many keto coffee brands, and have keto coffee every single morning without fail. This is by far the absolutely worst tasting keto coffee I have tried yet. It is thin, watery, does not foam at all, and has a sicky sweet taste that is artificial and overpowers my brewed coffee that I mix it in. I would never even attempt to drink this by itself. I paid so much for it that I am trying to get through the supply, but honestly I think it’s headed for the garbage. Don’t waste your money, go with something else.

Amanda S: PASS

This is awful. It is about impossible to drink because of taste – bitter & like drinking straight vitamin powder. Might as well drink a glass of airbornne. Was not able to stomach a full glass of it to be able to comment on the effects energy/mood.

Where to buy

Amazon: Giant Keto

Giant Supplements Website

What are you waiting for? Get your maximum ketone boost to pair with your promising ketogenic diet with Giant Keto – Exogenous Ketone this instant!

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