Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Along with a reduced carbohydrate diet, using the product too increase energy, mental clearness, on top of maximum athletic performance.

three bottles of keto burst exogenous bhb

Get to learn the value that Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate incorporates into your ketogenic diet most effectively. But first, let’s recap about the ketogenic diet.

Ketosis would be the natural state in which the human body figures out if it is using fats as its primary fuel source. This takes place when following a much-reduced carbohydrate consumption, and sometimes during the course of intermittent fasting as well. The process of reducing carb intake to pick up ketosis is known as the ketogenic diet.

Ketosis will allow the body to switch if it must break up surplus fat for energy. The particular state is noticeable through raised amounts of ketones when you look at the blood. Ketones that aren’t utilized for fuel become excreted out from the body through the kidneys together with urine. Ketosis may be very therapeutic for many people, but there are particular groups, such as for example, individuals having diabetes type 1 who have to be more careful. Within these groups, extremely high ketone levels could result in diabetic ketoacidosis. This is a dangerous stage brought on by too little adequate insulin. Applying the ketogenic diet on a daily basis and properly will be very beneficial, in fact. And boosting it with a supplement like the Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate makes results more effective fast. Keep reading to find out more.


Each jar consists of twice as much amount that other competitors out there offer. You get 30 whole servings, alternatively 60 one half servings of this product with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts (BHB) at 17 ounces in size.

Place into your favorite shakes, smoothies, recipes for optimum use. Before you use it, make sure to shake the jar in order to break clump formations. There are no flow agents whatsoever in this solution such as Guar Gum. Place 2 scoops, Keto Burst, into shake, smoothie, or water for instantaneous ketones. The company spent months perfectly formulating an item that contains 12 grams in BHB salts which include calcium BHB, Magnesium BHB, as well as sodium BHB, amazing sources for keto burst. It mixes very easily with clean formulation, and a guaranteed 0 carbohydrates, no caffeine as well as sugar. Get up to 30 servings per jar.


Rapid Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate 

The product was designed for aid in achieving and maintaining the height of ketosis, and fast. Along with a reduced carbohydrate diet, using the product too increase energy, mental clearness, on top of maximum athletic performance.

It could be consumed with/without foods, however, if you are relatively new to products that contain exogenous ketones, it is advised to be taken with food during the first few trial weeks. The product is perfect for every pre-workout lifting or exercise. This enters ketosis more quickly as well as aid the consumer in maintaining levels of blood ketone. Take it best in the morning and afternoon.

How long does it take to kick in?

Just one hour!

How many can you take in a day?

Ketone supplement manufacturers recommend ingesting up to 3 servings daily for best outcomes.

Side effects

There is a first time for everything, and this does not exclude the side effects of the ketogenic diet and its supplementing products. There may be a handful of negative effects experienced on the way to ketosis, among them flu-like indicators, such as headache, cramping, aching, reduced energy or exhaustion, diarrhea, constipation, to brain fog. It is known as the keto flu and is quite common during the first 4 days when transitioning to the ketogenic diet.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not every person goes through ketogenic diet consequences when forming this brand new lifestyle. More so, signs and symptoms usually are short-lived and certainly will pass quite quickly. In fact, problems differ with each individual.

Based on studies, when the human body reaches a ketogenic state, an individual undergoing ketosis links to heightened satiety hormones but also decreasing his/her hunger hormones. After taking the keto diet during a thirty-day period, on the other hand, your appetite-quelling hormones do increase considerably from own baseline. This means you are likely to be more hungry compared to when you initiated the diet. Take note, if you are continuing the diet for more than a month, your body will get used to it and it will just feel normal after some time.

What are the benefits?

Achieve ketosis much faster, while mitigating frustrating elements when it comes to initiating your very first keto diet. Numerous benefits come with keto booster powder. First, it is an electrolyte replenishment. Minerals found in BHB (known as exogenous ketones) aid electrolyte replenishing, which will help push away keto flu. It additionally helps you to sleep better, and generally feel much better for the body overall.

BHB can also kick cravings, only giving the much-needed energy boost, so say goodbye to your mid-afternoon slack. Aside from this, you can also shed weight as you are maintaining muscle. The most effective advantage of a ketogenic diet paired with a great powder like Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, is that it behaves as your carb blocker which normalizes levels of blood sugar. In the event that you deceive/cheat doing keto, you can easily avoid carbohydrate crash using Keto BHB because it reduces blood insulin spikes, that will be incredibly burdensome for the body’s hormonal response.

Finally, Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is great as it packs magnesium sulfate, popularly known as Epsom salt, a type of mineral. It really works by exchanging magnesium in your body and boosting water when you look at the intestines. The mineral also can be utilized orally as a laxative form to ease periodic constipation, as well as to treat lower levels of magnesium.


Compared to other competitors, the product has a double quantity at the same great price. Very cost-effective. Left Coast Performance is a family company that takes joy and pride when it comes to delivering the best possible quality powders for ketosis. This means they need no middle man and generally are not limited by the rates regarding big-box suppliers. Other superior BHB salts offer for as much as $120 for similar quality! Awesome!

Company Information

Left Coast Performance
Address#330 104-1240 Kensington Rd NW Calgary AB T2N 3P7 Canada
Email[email protected]

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Ben: Blood Ketones to the Moon!

I ordered KETO BURST for the first time to compare it against KETO//OS, which I have already tried and here is my comparison:

• 30 servings of KETO Burst for $49.99 is a better value in my opinion.

• I prefer the KETO BURST chocolate flavor over the KETO//OS Chocolate Swirl and honestly do not like the taste of BHB supplements.

Not part of comparison:

• Most importantly KETO BURST raised my blood ketones.

Page: Winner winner Chicken dinner!

We cycled through a number of exogenous ketones products before we found one that actually raised our blood ketone levels on a bhb meter. Base reading before KetoBurst was 0.7 . An hour later the reading was 3.9 . WINNER!

Celia Finsel: Best bang for the buck!

I’ve tried Perfect Keto and Pruvit’s products in the past and all are decent to my taste buds. This is sort of the perfect middle ground between those two…a little less chocolatey, a touch saltier, but not unpleasantly so, but easier to mix and much less expensive than either of the others. I put it in my morning iced coffee in place of sweetners or flavored creamer and it seems just as effective as the other two products!

Kate: This stuff works as promised!

I have been on Keto since the end of September but was having trouble getting in and staying in ketosis. After reading the reviews I decided to give this a try. I received my order four days ago and have been adding it to my morning espresso every day since. And it works! Within 30 minutes a test strip shows I’m in ketosis and I am able to stay that way throughout the day. But be warned: the reviews that mentioned a foul taste were not exaggerating. I found a solution that works for me, however. I add the prescribed amount to my espresso along with a splash of Jordan’s Skinny Sugar-Free Salted Caramel Syrup. The sweetness of the syrup blends perfectly with the saltiness of the Keto Burst and a healthy splash of heavy cream to create the perfect Salted Caramel Latte. But honestly even if I had to hold my nose and force it down, the benefits are exactly as promised, and at least for now, I am convinced they are worth it. I will be reordering.

Marlena: Better than the pricey marketing brands! Buy with confidence!

It WORKS!!! I’ve been using this over a week and have shed 5 lbs! Tastes salty but is well worth the drink! Very satisfied with this produce. It helps curb cravings well. I have been testing my urine with strips and there’s a huge difference!

5 negative reviews

CCR 71: Disgusting

Perhaps I got a bad batch, but this was disgusting. Super clumpy and it didn’t mix well in anything. What the crappiest thing was that I had to toss it even though it was pricey. What a waste and I really hated doing that. Definitely not my favorite.

Gary N. Shollenberger: Horrible Tasting Supplement… and Very Expensive

The horrible taste of this product makes it far too difficult to use, even if it works. I was so put off by the taste that I returned it immediately. Fortunately, the manufacturer allows for returns if you don’t like the taste. I think they probably hear that a lot.

Rosalind Woodson: Not my cup of tea!!

I was excited to try this product. I used a teaspoon size dose and mixed it with my coffee. The flavor was disgusting. I anticipated a bitter aftertaste, so I continued drink it. But, it became so bitter, I was forced to pour my coffee down the sink. I’m unable to speak to the benefits, since I didn’t finish the first serving. I’m returning the remaining contents immediately.

Matthew Werner: Vanilla in chocolate

Bought the chocolate flavored opened the packaging and there was vanilla inside. Returning for refund.

babygirlwendy41: Hmm no thanks!

This is not very good tasting , I had a hard time drinking it and was glad when it was gone , had little effect on ketosis

Where to buy

Left Coast Performance website

Amazon: Left Coast Performance

Bye-bye weight-inducing excess carbohydrates and say hello to a better, healthier lifestyle with Keto Burst – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, so start today!  

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