KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA is a dietary supplement that can help people stick to their diet goals and maintain their ketosis despite enjoying a delicious form of beverage.

a bottle of key nutrients keto cocoa

People who are following certain diet programs can have a hard time in terms of sticking to their diet program and for those doing the ketogenic diet, in terms of maintaining their ketosis. This ketosis is what helps the human body maintain its ketosis. The good news is that there is now a dietary supplement that can help people stick to their diet goals and maintain their ketosis despite enjoying a delicious form of beverage and this supplement is called KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA.

For people who wish to enjoy that full chocolate flavor while maintaining their blood sugar levels, and their ketosis, then read on and find out what makes KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA effective and unique for a dieter’s overall health and wellness.

Is it safe to use?

KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA is generally well tolerated by people and does not have any major side effects. However, people are advised not to treat KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA as a form of medical treatment for any type of illness or sickness.

Some of the significant nutrients found in KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA include Calories, Fat, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, and Potassium. The other ingredients of KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA are milk, natural vanilla flavor, monk fruit extract, silica, Himalayan Pink Salt, Guar Gum, cocoa, and MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) powder.


People can use KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA by mixing it to their favorite beverage or food items such as smoothies, teas, keto shakes, and as a creamer for coffee.

Side effects (if any)

As mentioned earlier, KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA by mixing it to their favorite beverage or food items such as smoothies, teas, keto shakes, and as a creamer for coffee.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA include the following:

  • Delicious Chocolate flavor but is free from added sugar and unwanted carbs
  • Convenient product for addition to any beverage or any food items
  • Aids in converting fat to fuel and helps in maintaining an individual’s state of ketosis
  • Contains anti-oxidants which may enhance the body’s anti-inflammatory response


KEY NUTRIENTS Key KETO COCOA is competitively priced at $26.54 based on the Amazon website. A similar product called Keto Creamer is priced slightly higher at $37.99 per the Amazon Online Store.

Company Information

For questions and other queries, customers can contact the manufacturer, Key Nutrients on telephone number 480-535-1660. Key Nutrients also has an office address at 9375 Shea Boulevard, Ste. 100 Scottsdale, AZ, 85260

Customer Reviews 

Enumerated below are some of the positive comments for the product:

Ciaran commented:

Best Tasting Keto/MCT oil out there period. I always look forward to my morning coffee but when you are on A Keto regiment your coffee has to be pretty bare bones. I’ve tried other powders on amazon but they didn’t live up to their expectations. I loved Key Nutients other Keto powders for mixing in my water because they tasted amazing, so when in saw this chocolate product hit the market I had to have it. I’m always skeptical about these things. So when it arrived I went for my morning workout routein, got to the office and put a half a scoop of this into my coffee. Instantly hooked! Phenomenal! Literally just bought another container for my colleagues that are also on Keto to try!

Bailey said:

This product hit an immediate home run with me on taste. I’ve been on keto for 8 weeks now and it wasn’t till recently that I tried the Cocoa Keto and was so thankful I did. I’ve definitely been missing chocolate on this plan! With the weather getting colder, I like mixing it with some warm almond milk at night or as a shake in a blender for a quick breakfast (add almond milk and ice). I’ve also experimented using sugar free syrups with the mix- not that it needs it- but hey why not?

Life Enthusiast also added:

I’m on the ketogenic diet (modified Bulletproof diet). I just add a scoop in my 16 oz coffee with my grassfed butter and it is delicious. I blend it up so it’s smooth and delicious. Nice flavor like Swiss Miss chocolate drinks, don’t feel like you’re drinking some substandard drink at all. Much better taste than Terrasoul for instance. So thumbs up. I think it’s still 3 carbs but that’s pretty low. My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes so now he’s drinking these as well and he enjoys them. He’s super picky and hard to please so this drink is a winner.

Lastly, KO stated:

So, this is my third time purchasing this product in about 2 months. It’s ridiculous how good this stuff is. I cannot vouch for its flavor inside of anything but coffee…but when you add it to your coffee, it’s like hot cocoa and coffee had a sexy, yummy baby! Seriously. I don’t even like to drink coffee without it…I feel like I’m missing out on my delicious latte!

During the week, the container resides at the office…but it comes home with me every Friday!

I will say this, I am a “have a little coffee with your cream” kinda gal, but this adds just the right amount of flavor and kick to take away the bitterness of my morning coffee, with little to no extra cream added. For those that know me, that’s nothing short of miraculous.

I also use this in combination with the joint supplement from this company, which is totally flavorless and I would highly recommend.

If you’re doing Keto dieting, you could also treat yourself to the strawberry lemonade keto salts by this company. Everything I’ve had so far seems to be of superior quality and taste. That’s why I keep going back and I will.

Also, their customer service team is crazy nice and I get the impression that if there ever was a problem with an order, they would be quick to correct it.

Some Negative reviews are:

Cathy Kessler said:

This has no taste so it taste nothing like hot chocolate.

Shopping Grandma Commented:

Not worth the money!!! Way over priced! This mix does not dissolve, even in boiling water there is “clumps” which are not pleasant!

Where to buy

Those who wish to purchase this product may do so by visiting its Amazon product page at

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