Nutiva Organic MCT Oil

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil offers the best benefits MCT Oil can offer. It is sourced from 100% organic coconuts so you can definitely trust that it is made of safe and excellent quality ingredients.

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil offers the best benefits MCT Oil can offer. It is sourced from 100% organic coconuts so you can definitely trust that it is made of safe and excellent quality ingredients. It is also available in gallon size so you can enjoy more of this product while saving precious bucks.

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides do a lot of good for the body. They give a feeling of satiation which means fewer cravings. They also boost energy and enhance brain function. They also expedite recovery after strenuous activity and is a valuable aid in healthy weight management. This is why it is now one of the most used dietary supplements in the market today.

Is it safe to use?

It is certified organic so you can trust that Nutiva Organic MCT Oil is sourced from 100% organic coconuts. It is also friendly to Paleo, Keto, and Vegan Diet. It is gluten-free and dairy-free as well.

Here are the supplement facts of this product:

  • Calories (130)
  • Total Fat (14g)
  • MCT (13g)

Main ingredients are Medium-Chain Triglycerides from organic coconuts. This product is packed in a peanut-free facility.


Just like any MCT Oil product, start with a small dosage of Nutiva Organic MCT Oil. You can begin with one half tablespoon to one tablespoon of Nutiva Organic MCT Oil. If you respond well to it, you can gradually increase intake to as much as three tablespoons a day.

Since this is unflavored, you can readily mix it with coffee, shake, tea, or smoothie. You can also use it as marinade, salad dressing, and sauces. Do not use for frying.

Side Effects

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil is generally safe to use. On the rare occasion that it causes any side effects, these usually manifest as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, an upset stomach, and diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms or any other negative reaction after taking Nutiva Organic MCT Oil, it is best to stop using it until you consult your doctor

MCT Oil use is discouraged in the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Liver problems
  • Diabetes
  • Medication Maintenance
  • Below 18 years old


Here are some the benefits you can enjoy if you opt to use Nutiva Organic MCT Oil:

  • Made without chemicals, filler oils, or additives
  • Certified Organic which means it was sourced from 100% organic coconuts
  • No harsh aftertaste
  • Keto and Paleo Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly as well
  • Easily mixes with other beverages
  • 93% MCTs


A 16oz Nutiva Organic MCT Oil bottle sells for $19.99 on its website. You can also get a 32oz one for $34.99. You can even upsize to whole gallon for $59.99.

It comes out relatively cheaper on Amazon. A 32oz bottle, for example, costs around $27.49 for one-time purchase. If you subscribe, you can get the same for as low as $26.12.

Company Information

If you have questions about Nutiva Organic MCT Oil, you can reach the company using the following contact information:

213 West Cutting Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804
[email protected]
[email protected]

Customer Reviews

Here are some positive feedback from satisfied customers of Nutiva Organic MCT Oil posted on Amazon:

  • “This is the best MCT oil I’ve seen on the market. It is low on Lauric acid which can be argued is the cheaper less beneficial MCT (some may even say it borders on being a long chain fatty acid) and it is high on true MCTs (caprylic and capric acids). Great buy, best around!” – Freaky Deaky
  • “Excellent product! Nice mild coconut flavor and fragrance. Love that it’s organic and has the caprylic and capric acids which are excellent for brain health as well as the MCT oil being helpful for ketosis as, yes, you guessed it, I’m on a low carb ketogenic diet. I add this into my daily drink of Milkadamia (macadamia nut milk), cacao powder, collagen powder, various medicinal mushroom powders, BHB powder, butter and a dash of salt…it helps me get well into ketosis level from 4.0 to 8.0 (moderate-large), occasionally to the highest level of 16. The only issue I have is that the cap/spout leaks from between the cap and bottle neck when I go to pour…that’s something this company needs to resolve. I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying it again! The leaking is not terrible.” – My Opinion
  • “I lost 5 lbs so I am giving it 5 stars! Pleasant taste, easy to use, very large bottle for the price.” – Gail
  • “I have purchased Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil many times – and after using for many years – I only purchase Organic Coconut oil from them – because of this I felt confident purchasing MCT Product was just ask described, I have used it in tea, oatmeal, salads – even tried it on my skin 🙂 Will purchase again when needed.” – Mary
  • “Always looking for the budget option, it wasn’t until I tried a few other MCTs that I realized a lot are made with palm oils and other filler oils. Labels are really good at hiding that info and looking all kinds of healthy, so it was hard to discern. This one, though, is the best deal I’ve found for an MCT that’s organic and all coconut-derived. I put it in my matcha/mushroom powder latte every morning, blended with some almond milk, and have been shocked by the energy boost I get. Seems to really help my metabolism and digestion, too. Highly recommend MCT as a daily supplement.” – Taylor Buck

However, the product also received some negative feedback.  Here are some posted on Amazon:

  • “Unfortunately, my package arrived damaged. The seal underneath the cap was not secured to the bottle. There was also an absorbent rag in the box as if leaking was expected. I’ve purchased MCT oil from Amazon before but I’m not sure if I will purchase this brand again.” – Kat
  • “Was not impressed. Needs to be only C8 caprylic and C10 capric. If they got rid of the lauric acid out of it, i would buy it again!” – Talia Jurinsky
  • “The product arrive with a broken safety seal with oil leaking out of the bottle. I was unable to use it and had to throw it away.” – Mark
  • “I purchased this item and was really excited to try it. However, it arrived today (March 8, 2018) with a punctured seal. The seal looked like it was intentionally cut in a straight line. The oil had leaked all over the interior of the shipping box. When I went to return the item for a replacement online this evening, it claimed this item was not eligible for a return. So, I spent $67 for an item I can’t use or replace because it arrived defective. Be very weary of purchasing anything from this seller.” – Landon Terry
  • “It says it’s unflavored, I still taste coconut. Also, don’t eat it if you have to be anywhere, I was up all night after putting just a little on my tomato and avocado.” – A Taste of Elegance

Where to Buy

You can get Nutiva Organic MCT Oil direct from their website or on Amazon.  Here are the links that you can use to do just that:

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