Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil

Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil offers all the benefits of MCT Oil at a great price. This scores high in versatility since it easily mixes with practically any drink of choice.

Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil

Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil offers all the benefits of MCT Oil at a great price. This scores high in versatility since it easily mixes with practically any drink of choice.  It is also friendly to Keto, Paleo, and Vegan diet.

MCT or medium chain triglycerides provide so many benefits to the human body. It increases metabolism and is the ultimate brain food. It also turns fat into fuel. This is why MCT Oil has become an in-demand dietary supplement of late. If you want to join in the MCT action, then Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil might be just the product for you.

Is it safe to use?

Ingredients wise, Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil has been certified organic. It sources its MCT from non-GMO coconut oil. It does not use any fillers either.

This has been certified to be friendly to Paleo, Keto, and Vegan diet as well. Since it naturally gives a feeling of satiation, it goes well for those who do intermittent fasting as well.

It is gluten-free and dairy-free. It is also bottled in a BPA-free container.

Here are its supplement facts:

  • Calories (125)
  • Total Fat (14g)
  • MCT (14g)

Its main ingredients are MCT sourced from 100% organic coconuts.


You might want to start with half a tablespoon to one tablespoon of Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil. If your body responds well, then you can gradually increase to up to three tablespoons per day. This is just a supplement so you should take it in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

There are also other uses for MCT Oil. You can mix it with coffee, shake, smoothie, or tea. Just steer clear of mixing it with carbonated or alcoholic beverages. You can also use Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil as marinade, salad dressing, or sauces. It is not meant for frying however.

Side Effects

Just like any MCT Oil product, Nuton Ultra Premium MCT OIl is generally safe to use. However, adverse reactions such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, an upset stomach, and headache have been reported. If you experience any of these symptoms or any other negative reaction after taking this product, it is best to discontinue use until you have consulted a physician.

People with the following conditions should not use any MCT Oil product:

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Diabetes
  • Liver concerns
  • Maintaining any form of medication
  • Below 18 years old


Here are some of the benefits that Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil offers:

  • A valuable aid to improved metabolism and enhanced brain function
  • No lauric acid which means more ketones and cleaner conversion of fatty acids to energy
  • Sourced from organic coconuts
  • Bottled in a BPA-free container
  • Comes in larger size for free servings


For a liter of Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil, you can get it at $23,79. If you subscribe to the product, you can get it at $22.60. At this size, it comes at a relatively cheaper price as compared to other MCT Oil brands available in the market today.

Company Information

If you have questions regarding Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil, you can reach the company using the following contact information:

877 Main Street STE 606
Boise ID 83702
[email protected]

Customer Reviews

Here are some positive reviews about Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil posted on Amazon:

  • “Great product and I love that it pours easily. Currently on the keto diet I’ve tested after fasting and it works as I expected. The last MCT oil brand I ordered did not move the needle.” – Julie Biel
  • “I was in the market for trying out other MCT Oil brands. I happen to come crosses to this brand and read the reviews. So far a lot of people gave it high star ratings. I thought the price for this C8 and C10 was reasonably priced so I decided to give it try. Now that I’ve used this product for sometime, my results…. 5 STARS! Why? For starters, I do like how you can easily pour it out with little to no mess not like other MCT oil brands. Plus as mention, for a 1 liter of MCT Oil is pretty good at price. They do have a Only 8C that’s actually much cheaper than some other 8C MCT Oil. In terms of taste? It’s pretty much like other MCT Oil brands I’ve tried. So overall, I’d recommended this brand to anybody who interested incorporating into their Keto lifestyle. Word of caution, while MCT are easier to digestive than LCT, if you’re new to MCT it’s highly recommended to start off with 1 tsp at a time in order to build up to the 1 tbsp otherwises fail to do so and you’ll pay the consequences. Same applies if you haven’t used the product in while so… Start over with 1 tsp and work your way back up to 1 tbsp or more however you wish to used.” – Patrick M. Killian
  • “I notice an immediate difference from regular coconut oil – more energy & almost like a rush feeling to the brain after consumption. I have lasting energy & I lost 3# in 2 days. I will be ordering this brand again!” – Amazon Customer
  • “We’ve tried about 4 other brands of MCT oil sold on Amazon, this is by far the best. No scent or taste. Larger bottle than others. Keeps us full longer. Def recommend, we won’t be going back to another brand.” – liekfam4
  • “If you’re intermittent fasting, you need this product! I highly recommend doing the research about MCT oil prior to jumping in feet first. There’s two thought processes behind MCT oil 1)it doesn’t take you out of a fasted state 2) it does; IMO err on the side of caution with this and only take it once I’ve broken my fast. It works out lovely because my eating window is 2-6 and this added boost of energy at that time a day allows me to be at peak state through out the day. LOVE this product and from an economic standpoint best bang for your buck.” – Scott D.

Here are some negative reviews posted on Amazon:

  • “Unfortunately when I received the shipment, the packaging holding the bottle had a broken seal. I observed oil coming through the box as well. The bottle itself was slippery due to a leak in the cap at the neck of the bottle. Even though the tamper resistant cap was intact, the lower part was spun off slightly producing the leak. Because of this a one time 30% promotional code I used was lost because I can’t use it to buy another bottle.” – Nathalie Maurice
  • “We tossed this. It had a horrible nasty flavor. Don’t know if what we got was bad, or if it just tastes that way.” – SchPsych
  • “Not hexane free. Upset stomach. Made joints stiff. Do not recommend.” – Saponification
  • “Totally torn on this review. There are a few things I absolutely loved about this MCT oil. I love the pouring spout on this bottle. One of the best I have found! I have used MANY different types of MCT oil the past two years and not having that messy drip after pouring is a definite plus. Second, I love the price point! Third, I love that this company seems to be very honest about their sourcing and has two different products – one pure C8 and one C8 and C10 (this one). I get frustrated when I cannot easily see what type of MCT oil it is. However, even after 2 full years of taking MCT oil on an almost daily basis my stomach can not tolerate this product. My guess is that this contains more of the higher medium chain triglycerides. I wanted to order the C8 but it was out of stock. I ordered this one instead and I wish I would have waited. If it is going to give me digestive issues everyday it is just going to go to waste. Disappointed.” – Nancy&Dana
  • “The spout makes for not the easiest pouring.” – Michael Clark
  • “I’m on the fence with this product. No matter the amount I take (I mix into my coffee) I seem to have some pain in my stomach. I’ve started very small with 1/4tsp and worked up to 1TBS over a few months and I always have some pain. When I skip it, it goes away. It could be that I need more work healing my gut, I’m not sure. It’s obviously doing something, I just haven’t seen the positive effects yet. Also, I’ve had many issues with the spout leaking and wasting product. It arrived without damage, but did have oil stains on the label. I removed the spout and wiped dry and replaced it back on the bottle and that made a huge difference, but it slowly keeps seeping out with each use. I bought this brand because of the reviews about how great it was to pour with. I may just have a defective bottle. Overall, despite the bottle – I’m going to continue use and update when I finish the bottle.” – Daniella

Where to buy

You can get Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil through Amazon. Just click on the link below:

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