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Peak Performance Keto BHB is said to be a three in one high potency supplement that provides a convenient and easy way to supplements consumers’ keto diet, mental performance, and athletic endurance.

a bottle of peak performance keto bhb

Your diet may be enough to keep you safely in ketosis and that is why there are keto supplements to assist. These supplements come in different brands and forms leaving it up to you to make the right choice. Peak Performance Keto BHB is one of such keto supplements. The marketers of this brand advocate its high quality and maximum potency. It is said to be a three in one high potency supplement that provides a convenient and easy way to supplements consumers’ keto diet, mental performance, and athletic endurance. Apparently, it does more than just aiding ketosis which is a bonus point in itself.


Peak performance is made with ingredients that guarantee the safety of its users. Three best exogenous forms of beta-hydroxybutyrate were used in making it, they include sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Unlike most supplements for keto, peak performance formula is carb-free and has no flavor. Each bottle contains sixty vegetable capsules meaning you get the maximum dosage at a good price. This supplement is formulated in the USA and is allergy-free and vegan formulated.

It does not contain soy, egg, milk, wheat, peanuts, corn, shellfish, fillers, preservatives, binders, and gluten. It is absolutely free of molds, toxins, and contamination. There is no reason why you would not love it.


This supplement can be used at any time of the day. You can take up to at least three of them daily. Upon ingestion of these supplements, the beta-hydroxybutyrate component is broken down and released into the bloodstream. From where it travels into your body organs to begin ketosis, that is ketone metabolism from which energy is created.

The good thing with using exogenous ketones is that the benefits of BHB can be enjoyed even before the body goes into ketosis.

Side effects

There are a few side effects that can be gotten from BHB, they include;

Generally, exogenous BHB supplements are considered safe and very significantly effective in increasing the concentrations of ketone bodies but the effect it may have on the health, in the long run, is not known.

The reported side effects are stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and nausea. Some people describe the supplements after taste as being poor. 

What are the benefits?

If you are still undecided about whether or not to start using BHB supplements here are some highlighted benefits that may influence your decision.

Aids keto-adaptation: BHB supplements will increase the level of your beta-hydroxybutyrate in two hours. This rate is about eighty-five percent more than the regular twelve plus hours your body uses to go into ketogenesis and raise its own ketone levels. The peak from the supplements could last for as long as two hours. Those who are yet to fully enter into ketosis will still have some keto benefits like increased levels of energy.

Decreases symptoms of keto flu: New keto dieters may experience some flu-like side effects including irritability, cravings, sore muscles, stomach aches, nausea, and brain fogs. The reason for this is that the body needs to get used to the new system of getting its fuel from fatty acids and not glucose. The severity and length of the noticeable symptoms differ among persons but usually would last for about a week for beginners.

Normalizes level of blood glucose: BHB can reduce the level of glucose in the blood within thirty minutes of its use and would maintain the new level for hours. Individuals whose sugar levels are lower have a tendency of being insulin sensitive and this may reduce the resistance of insulin and the occurrence of certain medical conditions.

May aid weight loss: BHB supplements may help weight loss in a healthy manner. There are a few studies which suggest that ketones are able to stimulate brown adipose tissue, this tissue is tasked with burning calories.

When the amount of ketone in the blood is high it also helps in suppressing one’s appetite meaning most of your unhealthy cravings will be gone. This way you can lose more pounds.

Reduces inflammation: Inflammation is the body’s system that contributes to several chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. However, ketones can help block certain inflammatory pathways thus reducing overall inflammation.

There is another theory that claims ketones help in moving glucose through a different metabolic path in order for the body to make more glutathione. Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant.

Protect the muscles: Studies suggest that a keto diet spares muscle. What this means is that a keto dieter can lose weight without actually losing body muscle mass even after reducing calorie intake. Ketones are to thank for this.

When your body uses ketones as its fuel source it needn’t worry about metabolizing muscle protein to create extra energy. Ketosis will also activate the synthesis of muscle protein. This is a process where muscle proteins are made to meet up any loss that may be encountered during physical activities. However, this effect has been shown only In animal studies so there is a need for human studies to be conducted before it can be an accepted benefit of BHB. 


Every potential new customer wants to know why they should go for a certain brand rather than the others. Rather than divert from answering their questions brands must be able to give direct and persuasive answers to their questions.

Peak performance keto BHB, when compared to other regular brands, benefits the consumers more. It is a supplement that has been designed to meet the needs of all kinds of ketogenic diets. It was developed from three best BHB salts. You will get 3,00mg for each serving and this is way more than most brands offer.

Peak performance is unflavored, unfiltered, and clean. Men and women who are athletes, parents, busy professionals, and high performers will find it really helpful.

A bottle of peak performance BHB is sold at $18. 95. 

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

So, I’ve finished a bottle of this product after trying it out and feel like I can give an honest review. I felt like I was less hungry and had more energy. I did lose up to 7 lbs over the past month just through diet and not too heavy on the exercise. I think I had a good success considering that I couldn’t really invest the hard work and exercise that would likely show more success. Anyway, a good product and I like their charity.

This is a great product to aid in losing extra weight. Unlike other fat burners, this does not give you any negative side effects like jitters, excessive sweating, or heart palpitations. The capsules do not have an unpleasant odor or taste which is a definite plus. I’ve managed to lose weight with this product without being strict about my diet.

No flavor, clean product and an eco-friendly product to help someone eat better and have a better lifestyle. Sign me up. I think that this product is great. I started using it just a week ago and I plan to continue. Looking forward to seeing some good results.

I like that I had more energy than I usually would. I wish I could take it once and be down. But otherwise, I have no complaints. My appetite has decreased and I stay full longer, so that’s a plus for me.

I have no dislike, only high praise on a good product. Easy to swallow, no after the taste of feeling. Within about twenty to thirty minutes my energy level is up. I am not hungry before lunchtime. I am ordering another bottle. I believe you will enjoy and benefit from this supplement in conjunction with a sensible meal and light to a medium exercise plan. Be Your Best Awesome!!!

5 negative reviews

I ordered these based on reviews but when I started doing more research it seems to me that they don’t put you deeper into Ketosis but rather ADD more ketones to your body, therefore, tricking the testing strip into reading deeper than you really are? Anyway…maybe I’m misunderstanding but I took them…and didn’t notice any difference to how I felt or my weight loss.

I didn’t help with my exercise to lose even one pound. Disappointed

When I took this pill, I can’t imagine how bad my body would react to it. The side effect is just so bad that I can barely handle it. But I continue to take this..a few days later it’s gone. However, it’s replaced with skin allergies coming out on me. This is not for me. I will never ever buy this again.

Have been taking these for two months very little if any results 😣

2 days taking the pill I feel something strange on my looks like I had a bad reaction towards this Keto supplement. I also feel. dizzy every time I take it. So I stop taking it and I feel better.

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