Zhou MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

By including MCT to your diet, your keto diet will benefit greatly by it because your body will be able to convert ketone quickly and will give your muscles and brain fuel needed for mental activity and physical energy.

a bottle of zhou mct oil powder

Zhou MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber is a creamy delicious convenience powder that you can add to your coffees, smoothies, shakes, baked treats, sauces, salad dressings and just about anything else to improve its texture. With the added Acacia prebiotic fiber there is 4g of MCT healthy fats for you to enjoy. It also includes 18% of the required daily fiber and supplies sustained energy, healthy gut, zero carbs, and no GMO. 


The two main ingredients used in preparing this powder are medium-chain triglycerides and prebiotic Acacia fiber. The fibers provide powerful healthy gut properties to increase the number of healthy bacteria in your gut. It also improves the tolerance of your digestive system and you won’t be experiencing bloating or flatulence.


It is recommended to use one to two tablespoons of this powder on a daily basis. 

Side effects

May trigger hunger hormones: While MCT oil may cause the release of specific hormones that will make you feel full for a longer period of time, there is also the possibility of it trigger hunger hormone release for some people.

A study was done on some people suffering from anorexia discovered that taking MCT increased neuropeptide and ghrelin release, both are hormones that trigger appetite. The body of those who took above six grams of this oil daily produced a larger amount of these hunger hormones compared to those who took one gram or less per day. Despite all this, we still are not clear if the production of these hormones will actually increase your appetite.

May lead to liver buildup: Excess of MCT oil may cause an accumulation of fat in your liver after a long period of time. A study on mice discovered that fifty percent of their fatwas from MCT. This same study also discovered that MCT decreased the total amount of body fat and increased insulin resistance.

However, note that it is not even safe to take a high amount of MCT oil. There is still the need for more research concerning the effect of this oil.

Benefits of Using Zhou MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

It is a ketogenic fuel: By including MCT to your diet, your keto diet will benefit greatly by it because your body will be able to convert ketone quickly and will give your muscles and brain fuel needed for mental activity and physical energy.

Fast and sustained energy: MCT powder will boost your food and beverages with convenient energy and creamy delicious texture.

Health support for the gut: The Acacia prebiotic fiber supplies powerful healthy gut properties to its consumers. This will help to increase the number of your good gut bacteria.

Mental performance: By using Zhou you will be providing an additional sources of fuel to your muscles and brain. This will support your mental activity and physical energy.

People who find Zhou MCT powder beneficial are those on a keto diet who desire health support from their gut, clean energy, physical and mental performance.

Some other benefits of MCT oil powder include;

It enhances weight loss: MCT oil may help your weight loss goal. A study of this oil shows that it increases two specific hormones which help in promoting a full feeling. These hormones are leptin and peptide YY. People who took this oil for their breakfast were observed and they ate less food during lunch than others who took coconut oil, another oil that seems to have similar benefits.

In addition to this, MCT oil may also reduce one’s body weight significantly and also reduce the conference of your weight. Some researchers suggest that it prevents obesity. Its calorie content is ten percent less that will be found in foods like avocados, olive oil, and nuts.

MCT can also be changed into ketones, this is a compound that is produced from fat breakdown when the amount of carb is low. Those on a keto diet using this powder containing MCT oil will be able to stay in ketosis.

It may help in managing autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy: Research shows that the combination of the keto diet and MCT oil helps in managing specific conditions like autism, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The first time the keto diet was introduced it was for managing epilepsy, not weight loss. Scientists discovered that when people fast their body produces more ketone and this is a good way to reduce frequent epileptic seizures. Since MCT is able to convert into ketones it is a good way to manage epilepsy.

Patients of Alzheimer’s disease may also benefit from this product. Alzheimer’s is one disease that disrupts the ability of your brain to make use of sugar. When you use the MCT keto diet your body will get ketone as an alternative source of energy. This would allow your brain cells to survive better. MCT oil also blocks the brain receptor responsible for memory loss.

Children living with autism may benefit from MCT oil. A study found out that these children demonstrated improvements after six months of using this oil combined with a ketogenic diet. Another study discovered that including MCT to your keto diet including a nongluten meal improves autism for six out of fifteen children involved.

There is a need to take in the fact that autism affects people in different ways and as such incorporating MCT oil into an autistic child diet may cause improvement in several degrees while there will be cases where no improvements are made. More research is needed here. Before considering including this to your child’s diet it’s best that you speak to a doctor first.  


One thing that sets Zhou apart from all other brands is that it is made with high-quality ingredients that are FDA certified and follow good manufacturing practices. Also, every one of their products undergoes laboratory testing to provide their customers with confidence that they are fueling their bodies the best way. An ounce is sold for $26.97.

Company Information

Zhou Nutrition
Address1777 Sun Peak Drive Park City, UT 84098
Email Address[email protected]
Phone Number1-855-700-9468

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

This is my third MCT powder ordered from Zhou Nutrition. Mixing the powder with sour cream, yogurt, and various nuts such as almond, walnut, and pecan, makes it very tasty as my breakfast. I also mix the MCT powder in the coffee to enhance coffee flavor. I usually drink coffee first thing in the morning and 2-3 more cups during the day; the mixture seems to enhance my energy level all day long. Sometimes I add Ghee butter in the coffee as well.

As a Registered Dietitian, I am quite pleased with this MCT oil powder. MCT is a source of saturated fats, but recent studies show that MCT saturated fats can be beneficial for decreasing appetite and aiding more fat loss compared to a lower-fat diet and/or olive oil (nonsaturated fat source). This particular powder from Zhou is flavorless and therefore very easy to add to your diet. Personally, I add 1 scoop in my green smoothie in the morning. I usually am hungry about 2 hours after my green smoothie, but when I add 1 single scoop of Zhou MCT oil powder, I was not hungry for 4 hours. I will be adding this as a usual supplement to my green smoothie. I am also a regular with Zhou’s Spirulina powder. I have tried many Spirulina brands, but feel the greatest increase in energy and mental clarity with Zhou’s brand.

I am on my third canister of the MCT powder and I can honestly say I love it. I initially purchased it b/c I heard it was good for memory loss and it has helped a lot! I can now recall phone numbers which I haven’t been able to do in years. An unexpected bonus is that it has totally cured my constipation problem which I have been suffering from for years. I wouldn’t want to live without and make sure never to run out. As for the taste, I put it in my morning coffee and really enjoy the creamy taste. No more of that unhealthy half and a half or unsatisfying milk. It is totally worth a try!

This is our preferred brand of MCT powder. After trying several others, we have got Zhou MCT powder on our subscription & save and go through several tubs per month! We always seem to need more, because we put it in hot tea, coffee, & smoothies. The flavor is neutral & creamy and adds a nice mouthfeel to our drinks. I LOVE that it is blended with acacia fiber, not corn or other weird additives. Other brands have been gritty tasting, and this one blends perfectly, with no grit. You do have to smash it into the sides of the cup if not using a blender, but it doesn’t take long and blends totally without the need of a blender, which I like because I don’t always want to jar my family awake with the blender in the morning! Thank you for making such a great product 🙂

Considering this 3x more expensive at Frazier Farms- this is a STEAL!

If you’re going off quality- it’s STILL a steal! It tends to clump up in my coffee- but it’s nothing that a spoon-smoosh can’t solve. It makes the taste of my coffee, smooth and velvety. Most of the time, my protein shakes blended w/ice-cubes are still watery- but this MCT oil thickens it a little & also makes it nice and creamy. As for health benefits, it seems to sharpen my focus & positivity and the fiber? -well, my “Moves” are plentiful. I normally use Brain Octane Oil in my Bulletproof Coffee but I’ll start using this MCT oil, instead. Benefits are felt within a day.

5 negative reviews

I’d love to say that I would buy this again, but changing up the formula and reducing the MCTs seems to be a way to use less of your most expensive ingredient and still charge the same amount. I won’t buy this brand again with the sneaky formula change.

This is the third MCT oil powder I’ve tried. I loved the first two and the ingredients looked similar on this one but the price was better so I thought I’d give it a try. It is gross. So grainy and not creamy at all. The powder clumps in my hot coffee even when using a blender. Leaves a filmy almost crusty coat in my throat when drinking. I definitely would not recommend this powder for anyone looking for a keto creamer for coffee.

This product does not mix in at all and tastes chalky. It only has 4 grams of fat and 4.5 grams of carbs – so it does not work with the keto diet. I wish I had realized this before I bought it. I will not be purchasing again.

I did not have the experience I was highly anticipating. Unfortunately, my containers came half empty, left me feeling extremely jittery, edgy, heart palpitations, increased anxiety, did not blend well with my coffee or water or shakes. I had an uncomfortable taste and unpleasant texture left in my mouth every time. I really hoped this product would have been the one. It is just not right for me.

Even with an immersion blender, I was not able to get this powder to mix with my coffee. The resulting lumpy mess was not at all “creamy” and had an off, chemical-y taste. Very disappointed. I’ll be returning it.

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Amazon: Zhou Nutrition

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